Caption Everything is an international campaign asking all businesses and organisations to caption everything.

The World Health Organisation reports that there are approximately 360 million with hearing loss worldwide. This means that 1 in 6 people will have some degree of hearing loss.

Hearing loss is caused by various factors – noise damage, medication, illness (Meningitis, Rubella), old age and genetics. One in three over 65 years old will be affected by hearing loss. Hearing loss is often an invisible disability.

Captions are hugely beneficial as they include hard of hearing and deaf people in spoken conversations. They also support those for whom the captioned language is not their first language, language learners, and those with learning difficulties. Providing captions will make your business a more richly diverse workforce, attracting and including many more consumers.

By focusing on inclusivity, deaf and hard of hearing consumers will have more choices, knowing captions are available for their convenience. They can attend or access an event or video, and just be.

It has been proven that captioning helps with reading, reinforces vocabulary, word recognition, word comprehension, identifying the main idea of a story, phoneme recognition, listening comprehension, and oral reading skills. This is beneficial in employment, training, and customer service.

With today’s advances in internet technology, it’s time to accept the change and start embracing captions!

The Caption Everything campaign is sponsored by 121 Captions and endorsed by a number of organisations.